dimarts, 15 de febrer de 2011

Headlights look like diamonds

"Something filled up my heart with nothing".
-The Arcade Fire.
"The headlights look like diamonds".
–The Arcade Fire

Headlights look like diamonds

I woke up today and I found a dog lying on my bed. I don’t know where it came from, but it told me he was going to stay in my home for a couple of years (I don’t know how he did that (well, I thought he was a guy), because I actually don’t know the language of dogs). Afterwards, I found out he wasn’t a dog. She was a dog, Lilly. I decided to have something for breakfast and lay down. I slept for an hour; I thought maybe Lilly would disappear when I woke up again.
She didn’t. When I woke up, she sat beside my bed; she was holding a piece of paper in her mouth. “Marry Christmas” was there written. I kept looking on Lilly, the doggie. She was big, a black Labrador. I thought she may be lost, but I discovered she actually wasn’t wearing any dog collar.
I looked indifferently at the dog, I didn’t want to overact. –Thanks; but there’s a spelling mistake. It’s Merry Christmas with “e”, not with “a”. - I said. She looked at me, with her tongue out, she was on watch. But for a moment I noticed that, actually, there was a DOG I’ve never seen before in my bedroom, invading my privacy. That made me ask “What are you doing here?” Lilly told me (don’t ask me how she did) that headlights looked like diamonds. I didn’t understand that much. Then she told me that I really should merry Christmas, and that I had filled his heart up with nothing. I stared at the dog, where does she come from? Could someone tell me?
I went out to the kitchen; I definitely needed something. Or that’s what I thought. Lilly followed me out there. I had a beer, I needed it. Suddenly they knocked on the door, I opened, and a coffee-colored Labrador went inside with a thirty year old man, or that’s what I thought… maybe a couple of years older than me. “This is Christmas, he’s going to come with his things now and move in with us.” Oh no. Oh no. It’s okay, it’s okay. No, it wasn’t okay, but Christmas and all the canine crew where already out after this “Christmas guy’s” things before I could notice what was happening.
When I bought my flat that I shouldn’t had chosen the low floor. I fast locked all doors and windows (I forgot the windows last night, sincerely) before all these strange characters could appear again. And when they come back I’m not going to let them in. No way.
I looked out at the headlights while I was locking a window. Lilly was right. They actually looked like diamonds!!! Anyway, I’m not merrying Christmas.

Laerke Saura, 4t B

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