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Entrevista a un alumne de l'intercanvi d'anglès

Un any més, els alumnes de 3r d'ESO han participat en l'intercanvi d'anglès amb l'Institut holandès De Nassau (Breda). I poc després, del 7 al 16 d'abril,  els alumnes holandesos van venir a Ribes, van fer un munt d'activitats amb els seus companys i també van estar al nostre centre amb la resta d'alumnes.
La Noa va fer-li una entrevista a un d'ells, el Kevin, per a la Revista:


1- How old are you? Sixteen.
2- Do you like Sant Pere de Ribes? Why? Yes, because the weather is very nice and I like the people, it's really nice.
3- Do you miss the Netherlands? At the moment no, because there the weather is not nice.
4- Do you have brothers or sisters? Yes, a brother, half brother and half sister (they have another mother).
5- What parties are typical in your country? Which do you prefer? Christmas and Carnival, because with Christmas I get a lot of nice presents. And with Carnival, there is a lot of happy music and you can drink a lot of beer.
6- What do you think about our school? It's nice school, but the building is not really good.
7- What is your lunch time, what time do you eat? I usually lunch at 1 o'clock.
8- In your country, can you smoke in closed rooms? Yes, but not always.
9- What do you think about the Spanish people? Are they prettier than the Netherlands? I like the Netherlands
10- Finally, what has been your best experience here? When I went to the beach, I had a great time.

Thank you, Kevin!

Noa Segado, 3r B

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