dimarts, 6 d’abril de 2010


Hi, my name is Sitges, and I’m a village in the Garraf County. I am situated in the coast and I’m also surrounded by mountains. That makes me lovely! A lot of tourists always come to visit me all over the year. I’ve got a lot of wonderful things: my beaches are beautifully beautiful, the port is adorable, and there are a lot of ships. I also have got a big, very big church, and pretty gardens and narrow beautiful ships.
But the best of the very best things I’ve got is my promenade. It’s always filled up with people: tourists and my inhabitants. My inhabitants are like my cells, they help me being better and better. In my promenade there are a lot of things: entrances to the beaches, bars, and a skating track. I like it a lot.
You should come and visit me someday; I’ve got a lot of things for you to do. You can go to my beaches; you can go for a walk in my streets and gardens, you can go to the theatre and the cinema, go rollerblading on my promenade, or go and have a good ice-cream in my ice-cream shops if it’s hot, or a warm cake in my sweetshops if it’s cold. You should come and visit me!
Postdate: The best very best are my stables.

Lærke Saura, 3r B

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