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Silkeborg is a town in the middle of Jutland (Denmark), with 41.979 inhabitants. It is a principal Danish town in a very undulated ground and it’s surrounded by a lot of lakes and hills, that’s why it’s recognized in Denmark. The longest river in Denmark also passes nearby, it’s called “Gudnâen”.
In these lakes there are many boats that take the tourists for a little trip in the lakes and to the highest mountain in the Danish country, named Himmelbjerget, which is 147 m. high. A recognized boat that takes tourists for trips is named “Hjejlen”, probably the most important of them.
Silkeborg is also known as the “cars town” because everybody buys cars there;all its car shops are situated on the north part of the town. It’s also got a big extension of forest in the outskirts that are well-known for picnics. There is a park named “De smâ fisk”, which means “The little fish” where people from all over Denmark goes to have a picnic and canoeing in the lakes, and sometimes, they arrive to the port in Silkeborg.
The Toullundmann museum in Silkeborg is known by its collections of prehistoric corpses from the 3rd century BC, discovered in 1950 at these forests in the outskirts. Also, there is the old paper industry, which is a museum now where you can see how to make paper. But, one of the best things you can do in Silkeborg is to go for a walk and see the Danish houses in the center of the city.

Lærke Saura, 3r B

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  1. Son molt bonics els paisatges perque la anturaleza ami m'agrada molt pero i alguns que la creman .. etc
    i yavors despres els animals es moren i es molt trist!!


  2. I'd like to see a picture of these houses in the center of the city that you mention. Could you please add a picture?
    Nice composition, Laerke!