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Hornbæk, Denmark

Denmark is a little land in the northern of Europe. It’s a very tiny land, but beautiful. In summer it’s not excessively hot, but in winter it’s cold and mucky. Denmark is basically formed by islands, except Jutland, which is a peninsula. The referent places in Denmark are Jutland, Sealand and Fyn (Jylland, sjæland og Fyn in Danish). Denmark’s got a lot of beautiful cities: Copenhagen, Silkeborg, Herning, Helsingør, Odense… but I’m going to talk about Hornbæk, a village near Helsingør. Which special facts do this village have? Let’s find out.
Hornbæk is a coast village, it’s not small, but neither big. The village hasn’t got a council; it belongs to Helsingør, which is nearby, ten kilometers (more or less). It’s got 3.542 inhabitants, but in summer it’s got up to 35.000 holidaymakers. The village is known as a Danish “fishing-village”.
Hornbæk’s got almost everything you need. It’s got a school, three big supermarkets, clothes shops, a port, a coast with beaches, a forest, there are cycling lanes in all the streets, and the most important thing: Ice creams. Hornbæk is well-known by the good ice creams they make in “Is-kage huset”, which means, the ice-cream cake house. They make the best ice creams in the whole world, with “flødeboller” that are some Danish cream cakes; and they’re used to put whipped-cream and strawberry jam on the ice-cream. They’re also used to make soft ices.
Hornbæk port is filled with fishing boats, and there are some pleasure boats. Sweden is very near, so a lot of people have a boat to get to Sweden once in a while. In the outskirts of Hornbæk, before arriving to the nearest villages (Hellebæk and Saunte) there is a big forest, which is human planted. There are also a lot of sububs very near the city, one of them is Stenstrup. Everyone gets everywhere by bike, because Denmark is a very flat land, the highest point is himmelbjerget (near Silkeborg city) which is 147 high.
Every summer I’m in Hornbæk, and I love this place. I’ve got my cousin and a lot of friends. We get by bike everywhere, and we like going to the camping near her house, and have some fun over there. We can also go to the beach for running or just having fun with the waves (some days they are very big!) We can also get horseback riding, and we can visit horses (there are a lot of stables nearby). We can also take the train to another “fishing-town” (Gilelleje) and to Helsingør, where we can go to the mall and have a classical Danish ice-cream and walk in the Helsingør streets. Life there is great, if I were you, I’d go to Hornbæk someday!

Lærke Saura, 3r B

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