dimarts, 1 de desembre de 2009


Did you know that horses are animals with four legs? Did you know that you can ride them? Did you also know that horseriding is officialy called a sport? Beacuse all these people that say horseriding isn’t a sport, I want to see it try it by themselves.
Anyway, horseback riding isn’t just getting on a horse and riding him. You have to get your horse ready, and take care of him. Actually, the most difficult part is taking care, and not riding; you have to think about horses are alive, so they can be happy, sad, or sick.
What I’m going to explain is how to get a horse ready; it can seem a little complicated but it’s not. The process it’s not simple, but logical.
The first thing you do is getting the horse you’re riding. You can get the horse down with its bridle, which is better because the horse knows it’s going to work. To put the bridle on, you have to get the horses head and the middle part of the bridle, and with the other, you put yhe bit in its mouth. You always have to stand on the left side of the horse. Then, you clean its hooves, if the horse is in its stall, if not, you do it in the patio (where you get the horse ready with the other riders), then, you get him tighten, though not he’d or she’d run away.
The next step is getting your horse groomed; first you get the hard brush to get the worst off, and after you use a soft one to get everything off. It’s important to check it’s hooves once more, to make sure there isn’t anything wrong.
Afterwards, it’s time to get the horse saddled up. First you put on the sweeter and then you put on the saddle. Finally, you get the girth tighten, and you fix the stirrups in your size.
Finally, you’re ready to ride.

Lærke Saura, 3r B

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  1. And what happens if you are afraid of horses?, can you ride a horse if you are afraid of it?